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28.11.2009 11:29:07

Eco games однако


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Егунова Наталья Михайловна

24 апреля День Земли!

В Голосеевском парке состоится уборка и посадка цветов в клумбах, чтобы сделать парк чище и красивее:) Ждем тебя в 10:00 возле памятника М.Рыльскому(центральный вход в парк).


Программа Дня Земли в Киеве:


20.04.2010 23:49:34

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Шаров Александр Ю

Btw Ive found also a very brilliant educating game for teens. So If someone deal with eco education of children

Here is the kids game http://www.climatechange.govt.nz/reducing-our-emissions/schoolstuff/playitcool/index.html It''s called Play it Cool

There are several others that I didnt review http://www.greenrig.co.nz/?pageid=28

17.12.2009 0:12:43

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Шаров Александр Ю

If u know other games please share.

As to Eco apps Ive found several for Iphones , mostly carbon footprint calculators (kind of "how much CO2 I emit if... I buy smth..."etc) . Some are local-oriented like Map of San-Francisco recycling spots. But i didnt manage to find any web applications concerning Eco (except carbon calculators of course)

Feel free to share if you did :)

17.12.2009 0:11:55

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Шаров Александр Ю

After having googled for Eco games I havent found much. Just one game that is connected to Ecology is Eco Tycoon: Project Green (2009) .

In the game you manage a continent (europe or Afric...) people, pollution, industry, etc... but yet try to maintain a balance with the eco-system.

The main goal is to reduce CO2 emission by searching new green technologies and leading programs for the population.

I played twice and found it's fair in terms of playability (or maybe I found a backdoor and win easily) but rather interesting in terms of getting a complete picture of new stuff hat could be done and lead in real life of a country to imrove eco.

You are like a governor may research many technologies in 4 directions

Energy (renewable, non renewable),

Waste Management/Recycling,


Water treatment

and social activities (eco education, transport reforms, eco laws and fines...)

Smth that misses us in our lives - just click search and implemnt " Solar panel techology" :))

Here are some screenshots



If someone gets interested I ll share the link to it.

17.12.2009 0:09:57